Welcome to John McCrae Secondary School's MBC (McCrae Broadcast Centre) Comm Tech WikiPage!
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Course Outline

This course is intended for students who have an interest in:
  • Digital Sound Recording and Editing (Audacity Adobe Audition)
  • Radio Production - On-Air Broadcasting (Live Presentation)
  • Digital Video Editing (Premiere Elements 4.0)
  • Live to tape Studio Production
  • Field Production
  • Lighting for Television and Theatre
  • Sound Mixing for Live Audiences
  • Media integration - website developments / Podcasting
Study Resources
**** TV Production Modules Cybertext (on-line text book)
**** is a free resource website providing educational and reference material in the field of electronic media. Topics covered include video & television production, audio work, still imagery & graphics, website design and more.

Course Requirements

There are a few supplies that you'll be expected to purchase and bring with you to class, Initially:
  • Notebook (required by third class)
  • Novell UserID and Password (required by third class - provided by your 1st period teacher)
  • Burnable DVD Media (Blank DVD's) (for backup of N:Drive) Or 1 or 2 gig flash drive (optional).
  • Mini DV Tape(s)
  • Mini Disks (Audio recording)
  • "Earbud" style headphones
  • 70% - Projects/Assignments and Tests
  • 30% Summative Assignment (culminating task)
Evaluation criteria for projects along with marking can be viewed using the marks Data-base. Marks is a filemaker pro application retrievable from the hand-out folder - maxwell - applications. Upon launching marks you will have to submitt your UserId - this is your Novell user ID. You will only be able to view your marks, and comments using this application.
Important Dates:

Note; media must be labelled and stored out of class. No media will be accepted for submission of class work. All class work will be submitted through the school server ie. I:Drive handin folder. Digital Video must be compressed before submitting. (DIVX, Flash or WMV formats accepted). Digital Audio to be submitted in MP3 format.

Source material will be gathered using Digital Video, Digital Photography, MiniDisk Recording, Cassette Tape Recording.